Use of my photos

Submit Your Photographs

The Society invites members to submit photographs for use on the website (see final condition below), with a caption naming the species (vernacular and scientific names) and, where appropriate, describing the location, conditions and circumstances. This will be especially valuable in the case of rare species or more unusual sightings and specimens. The editor reserves the right, in cases of doubt, to check identification with County recorders.

Let know where you have posted photos online or attached them to an email.

Terms and conditions applying to the submission of photographs for publication on the NNNS web site:

  • Copyright remains with the photographer, whose work will be acknowledged.
  • Photos may be removed without notification, mainly due to storage space limits.
  • Photos will ideally be prepared for publication in advance (cropped, image enhanced) in the following format and each photo accompanied by a suitable caption:
    • JPEG format, better quality (about 80%)
    • Up to 800 x 800 pixels (larger photos will be scaled down automatically)
    • 72 dpi
    • Ideally optimised for the Internet using, for example, Photoshop 'Save for Web' option
  • Photos must be related to Norfolk, though they may not have been taken in Norfolk.
  • Contributors are asked to agree that their work may also be used in Society publications, eg, Transactions, Norfolk Bird & Mammal Report, Norfolk Natterjack and/or Occasional Publications.